Our Services



What do we clean?
We offer a professional cleaning service for ovens and other cooking systems including:

  • Freestanding cookers and range cookers, from 55cm width to 180cm width
  • Integrated (built-in) ovens
  • Aga, Rayburn, Esse, and other traditional cast iron cookers
  • Hobs
  • Extractor Fans
  • Microwaves, including Combination ovens

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How do we do it?
Following a visual and operational inspection of your appliance, we place protective covers on your floor and any adjacent surfaces.

We remove all removable components such as the oven racks, rack rails, “self-clean” panels and backplate, then place them all in a dip tank mounted in our vehicle. This is refilled with fresh, 100% biodegradable cleaning solution for every clean – it is never reused after cleaning these components.

The next step to complete the initial clean of the door, followed by its removal, then the initial clean of the interior is carried out. Please note, if the oven roof is dirty and covered with an electric heating element, it is not always possible to clean fully behind the element without breaking it. We do clean there to a point, but WILL NOT risk causing damage!

The second stage clean of the oven is now carried out, restoring the enamel finish to as close to new standards as possible, followed by the refitting of all the cleaned, removable components.

With this completed, we return to the door, disassembling it and cleaning the individual frames and panes of glass. PLEASE NOTE: there are a number of appliances which have layers of glass bonded (glued) together by the manufacturers, which cannot be separated and hence grease, crumbs or other debris may remain. Once cleaned the door is reassembled and refitted to the oven.

Finally, the exterior panels of the oven are degreased, cleaned and finished to showroom standard, whilst the oven is switched on and checked to ensure its correct operation.

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