Traditional Stoves


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We specialise in the safe cleaning of traditional cast iron stoves, or as many people refer to them “Aga’s”. Our commitment to the use of 100% non-caustic, non-toxic and biodegradable solutions is key to cleaning these stoves; whilst the aluminium and enamel finishes are durable, they are also easily damaged by proprietary cleaners and tools.

We’ve cleaned stoves manufactured by Aga, Esse, Everhot, Nobel, Rayburn and Stanley (to name a few!) and, one thing all our customers have in common, is that they treat their “Aga” as if it were one of their family.

So, when we bring back its original glory, the reaction we get from our clients is always one of the job’s highlights. People can’t really believe the difference a professional clean by us makes, resulting in many of our customers repeating the cleaning process on a regular basis.

It should be noted that these stoves cannot be cleaned satisfactorily while hot; we always request that they are turned off the evening before to allow them to cool suitably.

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